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Buy tickets here via secure Eventbrite link

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Buy tickets here via secure Eventbrite link





The GF Oktoberfest in New York City is the first gluten-free event of its kind on the East Coast. GF Oktoberfest was created so that people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease could safely come together and mingle while enjoying a selection of over 45 gluten-free ciders and beers and an unlimited amount of gluten free food. To add to the fun, meet some of the cider makers and brand ambassadors! Feast on a full gluten-free Oktoberfest menu with traditionally mouthwatering sausages, meatballs, pizza, desserts, and much more.


The 1st annual New York City Gluten ­Free Oktoberfest was founded by Jeffrey Reiss, founder and owner of Pie by the Pound, a New York City restaurant that specializes in the gluten ­free pizza. In 2004, Jeffrey discovered his own gluten intolerance and adopted a gluten ­free lifestyle. At his restaurant, Reiss prepares gluten ­free pizza, sandwiches, desserts and sells a wide variety of gluten ­free beer and cider, making Pie a food haven for the gluten­ free community.

Jeffrey regularly hosts gluten ­free events such as beer tastings, pizza parties, and has even hosted the NYC Celiac Meetup group on multiple occasions. Reiss strives to maintain one of the biggest menus of gluten ­free beers and ciders on the East Coast with a rotating list of favorites.


I am celiac, is the event 100% gluten free?

Yes; our standard procedures follow a very strict protocol in regards to cleaning, utensil use, preparation, and storage. All of that said, though we take every precaution against it, there is still a possibility of cross-contamination that could pose a problem for our customers with particularly severe allergies/intolerance.

There are two different event times listed. Will each event have different offerings?

We want to make sure that as many people as possible can come to this event without cramming the joint too much. So, we’re having two time slots! The two time slots will have the same foods/beers/ciders, so, just find the time that works best for you! In order to ensure that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the event, only one time slot per person.

What is the age requirement for this event?

This is a 21 and up event. All ticket holders must present valid IDs.

I can’t go to the event anymore, do you offer refunds?

There will be no refunds for this event.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

This is a Reservation Only event. Please purchase your tickets in advance. Early Bird Special: $45 for the first 50 tickets sold. Regular Price: $55 per person.

Will there be food available throughout the entire event?

Yes, but the kitchen closes thirty minutes before the end of each time slot.

I have a large group I would like to bring to GF Oktoberfest; is there a limit to how many people I can bring?

Because we are a smaller establishment, please contact the venue (212)475-4977 for group sales.


Buy tickets here via secure Eventbrite link